It’s Almost Here Chagrin – Think Spring!

Flower Urns 2013  
Chagrinites and visitors alike marvel at the beauty of the downtown Village during spring, summer and fall.  Everyone is delighted with the profusion of flowers they see in the decorative urns at store fronts and overflowing baskets hung high around town.  An abundance of blooms fill the gardens in the parks and bumpouts edging the streets.  The same lush landscape is planned for this year.
The floral display results from the dedication of  20+ volunteer gardeners who last year gave 767 hours to the beautification project.  It is calculated that saves the Village more than $10,000 !
Credit goes to many:  first to the gardeners who serve a dual role tending the urns that are funded as a year-round Your Home Town project, and as members of the Mayor’s Beautification Committee caring for the gardens. 
The Village allocates funding for the garden and bumpout plant material. 
Dogwood Valley Garden Club partially underwrites the hanging flower baskets.
The gardeners who chair and coordinate the entire program are Janine Bauman, Anne deConingh and Beth Skeel.
If you would like to join the cadre of volunteers, please contact  
Only commitment and dedication are required!

Triangle Park Walkways

 Bandstand Gardens
  2013 Garden Plot

Beth Skeel
Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls
Board Member 2012-2013