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Thank you for your interest in Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls!


We have a wonderful community and depend on our volunteers to help make our events, projects and programs possible. If you are interested in volunteering or have an idea you would like to discuss please send me an email and lets work together on making Chagrin a great place to work, play and shop.


Throughout the year, events and activities make Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls the outstanding and unique community it is. At the core of what we do as a community is the presence of hundreds of volunteers making our events, programs and projects happen as we bring thousands of visitors to downtown Chagrin Falls.



Be a part of that exciting and always changing team of volunteers and dreamers making it happen on the banks of the Chagrin River.



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Thank you,
Patrice Ambrose
Associate Director
Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls
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Kathleen Visconsi
Director of Community Outreach

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