We are pleased that you have chosen our community in which to open your business.

We are a progressive Village yet steeped in the charm and traditions of our past.

Chagrin Falls is a special place. We are proud of our history, unique business district and charming residential neighborhoods.

Our government, businesses, residents and local organizations work together to make the Chagrin Valley a great place to live and work.

We hope the following information will make your launch an easy one. We are here to support and encourage your efforts.

This New Business Package is the result of a partnership between the Village, Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls and the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce working towards our goal of promoting the economic development and vitality of Chagrin Falls.

                                     Thomas Brick, Mayor, Village of Chagrin Falls
                                     Keith Latore, President, Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls

Google street view allows you to look at every store, every merchants space before you get here. Parking is never a problem.


Type in the address of a store and toggle the view to as close as you can get.


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Doing Business in Chagrin Falls

We're One of a Kind

Village Government

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Doing Business in Chagrin Falls

1. Vendors License
Authority: Ohio Department of Taxation
Forms available online: http://tax.ohio.gov/divisions/sales_and_use/license.stm

2. Occupancy Permit
Authority: Chagrin Falls Building Inspector
Harry Edwards 440-247-5050 e-mail: [email protected]
* Cost $40.00 fee, plus no fee annual renewal with fire inspection
* Complete application with detailed business description and floor plan required.
Only legal uses allowed in the zoning district in which you plan to locate
* Inspection: Zoning and Fire
* Landlord approval
Approximate length of time - One to two weeks.
Note: It is recommended that you consult the Village of Chagrin Falls prior to signing a lease

3. Health Inspection (Food Services)
Authority: Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Forms and fees available on their website

4. Exterior Signage
Authority: Architectural Review Board - Harry Edwards 440-247-5050
www.Chagrin-Falls.org - Zoning code chapter “1143”
* Fee: Yes
* Approval - Exterior signage need to be approved by the Architectural Review Board
(meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8:30 am in Village Hall) Submission deadline is eleven days prior to the Tuesday meeting. Information needed: Complete application, Sign type, size, lighting, locations, color samples, etc. Note: Most sign companies registered to do business in the village have knowledge about requirements. ARB approvals are valid for six months.

5. Parking Needs
Zoning code chapter “1141”
Your landlord is responsible for providing parking. The Village provides all day municipal parking in the
W. Washington Lot, the south portion of the Plaza Lot and the Riverside Park lot along with various on street parking spaces. When in doubt, contact Village Hall.
Note: Employee parking allowed in “All day” parking spaces.
Note: Meter feeding is illegal and detrimental to merchants

6. Interior Renovations
Authority: State of Ohio Department of Industrial Compliance 1-800-523-3581
Building permit required
Chagrin Falls Building Department will issue a no cost permit upon presentation of State approval and can provide guidance with the commercial building permit process.
Note: Any changes to the building exterior require Architectural Review Board approval
Approximate length of time: Unknown if state permits are needed.

7. Local Regulations
Sidewalk safety: No merchandise is permitted on the sidewalk except during the annual sidewalk sale or other approved event.
Signage - inside windows: See Zoning Code Chapter “1143” No internally illuminated signs allowed.

8. Other Items
Garbage - Tenant or Landlord
Snow Removal from public sidewalk fronting the property - Tenant or Landlord
"Reasonable time" means removal of the snow and ice within two hours after the most recent accumulation of ice or snow, or if during the night, two hours after sunrise.

One of a Kind Village

Chagrin Falls’ boutiques, specialty stores and restaurants have made them the most unique & distinctive shopping district in northern Ohio. The charming and historic 1800s mill town draws visitors from around the world to enjoy the wonderful views of its famous natural waterfalls and explore its delightful history. Chagrin Falls is home to over 80 privately owned independent shops and restaurants offering exclusive merchandise, great food and excellent customer service. Experience fabulous shopping, dining, galleries, serene parks and streets lined with architectural gems of century homes, all within walking distance.

Well known as the premier fashion destination in northern Ohio, Chagrin Falls is home to the finest collection of distinctive fashion boutiques, offering everything from the most current runway fashions to the everyday casual, for both men and women. Over fifteen food establishments offer choices from casual to family to fine dining for every taste and budget. Chagrin Falls is also a major resource in the home furnishings market and finding those perfect accents, accessories or art, will make your visit a memorable one. If pampering is what you have in mind, over a dozen salons and spas will meet your every need.

Visitors are drawn to Chagrin Falls, where history and nature can be felt, where the Chagrin River still makes its eternal journey through town and the waterfalls exert their age-old fascination. Chagrin Falls is here for you to enjoy, offering you a personal shopping experience and encouraging you to return soon.

Call 440-247-1895 or visit us at yourhometownchagrinfalls.com for a complete listing of merchants and events.


Village Government
Village Of Chagrin Falls 21 W. Washington Street 440-247-5050
  Fax Number 440-247-1510 Info Line 440-247-3379
Fire Department Chief Frank Zugan 440-247-8281
Police Department Chief James Brosius 440-247-7321
Mayor Thomas Brick 440-247-8399
Chief Administrative Officer Benjamin Himes 440-247-5050
Director of Finance David B. Bloom 440-247-5050
Council President Steven Patton 440-247-3200
Council Pro-Tem Janis Evans 440-241-6700
Council Adam Jacobs 440-248-7474
Council Janna L. Lutz 440-247-6858
Council Dwight Milko 440-247-9922
Council Richard Subel 216-621-6800x15
Council Robert Williams 216-464-4244
Building Inspector Harry Edwards 440-247-5050
Engineer Timothy R. Lannon,P.E. 440-951-9000
Superintendent of Utilities Glenn Elliott 440-247-5051
Super. of Streets
Service Garage
Jeffrey Snedeker
240 Solon Road
Wastewater Treatment Plant 301 Meadow Lane 440-247-5051
Village Council Meetings (Summer schedule - once a month)   2nd & 4th Mondays
Architectural Review Board Meetings   1st & 3rd Tuesdays 8:30am
Board of Zoning Appeals Meetings(as necessary)   4th Tuesday 8:00pm
Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings   3rd Monday 7:30pm